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Accidents happen and natural disasters can strike anywhere at anytime. When they do, don’t panic. The Rubicon Group is here to help. We are a public adjusting company of licensed professionals dedicated to maximizing and expediting our clients’ financial recovery from insurance claims.


We will read your existing insurance policy in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to the claim.


We will conduct extensive research to prepare a detailed and comprehensive computerized estimate.


We will review all estimates for repair of damaged property to determine appropriate values. We will also review old claims that have been denied or underpaid.


We will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf . You can feel relaxed that we will take care of you.

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Find tips and helpful guidelines regarding how to successfully get your insurance claim paid.

Essential Disaster Supply Kit

Let’s say you are single, with no family or pets and your train of thought is “you’ve been through one hurricane, you’ve been through them all”. Worst case scenario, you can leave your rented apartment, hitchhike to the nearest greyhound station and start an adventure. Here are 10 items you can get together so that […]

15 Jun, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

Property Losses Typically Covered

The following are types of losses that occur in your home which are typically covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. For further details of the loss or exemptions, please contact our office to make sure your specific situation applies and is covered before you call your insurance company with a claim related question. Unbeknownst to […]

23 May, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

Prep for a Hurricane Claim

If a hurricane watch is issued, and there are high chances of a hurricane passing through, contacting your insurance carrier after a severe storm business may be difficult with the increased volume of calls they will be handling. Here are the things that you should have prepared so that you claim is processed as swiftly […]

19 May, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

2016 Hurricane Prep Class at The Home Depot Coconut Grove #6856

This past Sunday, May 15, 2016… We had a great time speaking to the local community in coconut grove , at the neighborhood Home Depot store, about how to prep for the aftermath of a storm which includes getting your home back to its original conditions by possibly filing an insurance claim. We spoke about the type […]

16 May, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

Checking Your Home: Structural Elements

Here are some tips directly from the American Red Cross. If you had to leave your home, return only when local authorities advise that it is safe to do so. Do not cut or walk past colored tape that was placed over doors or windows to mark damaged areas unless you have been told that […]

12 May, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

FEMA – Help After a Disaster   What is FEMA? FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is responsible for providing and coordinating emergency services in Presidentially declared disaster areas. FEMA works as a partner with other parts of the Federal government and with State and local governments and voluntary organizations. To Apply for assistance: Call the FEMA Disaster […]

12 May, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

Prevent Water Damage From Your A/C

In South Florida, having a functioning A/C is ESSENTIAL! Make sure you maintain your A/C unit periodically to ensure that you pevent costly backups. This could be a major inconvenience but in most cases, items including but not limited to, swollen laminate floors, carpet or furniture damaged from an A/C back up are covered under […]

20 Apr, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

What Can I Do to Prevent Mold from Growing in My Home?

  Since mold needs a food source and moisture to grow, the best thing you can do is to prevent moisture problems that allow mold to grow. Here are some steps to get you started:   Maintain lower levels of humidity in your home by: venting bathrooms and dryers to the outside; using air conditioners […]

28 Mar, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

Homeowners, Flood and Hurricane Insurance Coverage

What is the Difference? There are numerous types of policies that provide you coverage for several types of losses, but how do you know if you have the right one? Below I’ll explain the difference between 3 commonly misunderstood insurance policies.   Homeowners Special Form 3 (aka HO 3) This policy insures the owner-occupied Dwelling […]

17 Mar, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

Preventative Tip: Gutters and sprinklers

Homeowners insurance does not cover you for “mishaps” that are foreseen and can be prevented. Properly maintaining your home is an important responsibility because it will ensure that your claim gets paid the day that an accident happens. Clean your gutters and check that they are stable to ensure that it drains properly. Make sure the down spouts are directing […]

15 Mar, 2016 3ye0dr6ap

First Insurance Claim? Here’s What to Expect

The 1st Inspection After You File An Insurance Claim Be Prepared! You may want to assume that your insurance company is there to save the day, but in reality insurance companies are in the BUSINESS of selling policies, not paying out claims. Therefore, when the time comes that you have to submit a claim to […]

10 Feb, 2016 admin

Preventing Drain Failure

Our daily lives are already packed with busy work schedules, family obligations and personal agendas. The last thing that we would like to deal with is a failed plumbing system. As Public Adjusters, we are here to help you report and process any home insurance claim you may have, but while you are in the […]

10 Feb, 2016 admin